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Clinic Management System

Clinic Management System

Under clinic management, patient's records are digitized so as to make data retrieval easy and efficient.
All the clinic operation starting from patient registration until billing will come under this system. Being in the digital format,
patient data can be easily shared and accessed by multiple users simultaneously.

Why Choose Clinic Management System?

Clinic Admin Module

• Manage patient data
• Take a note of patient condition
• Manage To keep track of appointments, and manage the data related to all departments of healthcare

Doctor Module

• Doctor can manage patient data
• Dashboard with a schedule for doctor
• Manage prescription of patients
• Get all the patient details right in front of you

Patient Module

• Allows patient to register themselves
• Clinic Admin can acknowledge patient registration
• Patient can schedule appointment with doctor on availability

Receptionist Module

• Quick view of important events of the day
• Access and manage reports for management
• Update and manage calendar with important events and notices.


Allows you to view important hospital modules and each modules can be easily addressed, monitored, automated with the help of interactive reports, and analyzed in detail so that your facility’s efficiency increases and patients’ satisfaction.

Multiple Clinic

Multiple clinic/hospital management for doctors, If you’re managing clinics at multiple locations, with the help of a single online clinic management software, all of them can be easily managed with a clinic management system. Data from the individual clinics can be viewed from a single system


With integrated billing, a clinic management system tracks the complete treatment of a patient and can be used to create financial records much easier than with stand-alone billing software.

Prescription Print

Get a complete list of medicine prescription at one place and print it for your reference.

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